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The modern office requires technology innovation. No matter what size or office type, all modern offices rely on technology to function. Whether it is one computer or a full grown network that shares data between users and servers, a good reliable network will make any office more efficient. Schedule a review of your technology and we will guide you every step of the way!

Codec Office Solutions

Has been recognized as one of the Only tech support companies to service Veterinarians as its top customer, has been awarded the Top Tier Service Provider Award in El Paso, and has provided IT Services for over 14 Years.



COS is a locally owned company dedicated to the IT industry. Our mission is to provide reliable IT services and low cost consumables for businesses of all types. We are dedicated to the small business customer and we have created a special interest in the Veterinary Field. Our main goal is the innovation of small businesses. We strive in the creation of business efficiency implementing new technology tailored to our specific customers. Our customers range from small retail businesses to medium hospital settings. We also provide day to day maintenance and monitoring to ensure proper office functionality. Our business structure was created with the idea that tech support should be reliable and affordable so we have created very attractive service contracts billable by month or by service call. This ensures that each of our customers receives the quality support that best fits the needs of our customers.
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